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How to stop telling yourself a dramatic story.

Here’s to wishing if you find this helpful, and if so, share the ❤️power up with others.

🧠 Quick Update: The results are in and the MRI came back all clear, WHOOT! So what’s next? Chemo for six months (once a week for six months) and Optune. Such a great new starting baseline! My mission, keep kicking cancer’s ass! ❤️ power up!

What did I learn today?

We are all fantastic at making up stories. As humans, we have a wonderful imagination and love big dramatic stories. It’s a blessing and a curse. It goes like this, we don’t know how something will turn out so we make up an ending. We use the “unknown” to create a narrative that when strung together, turns out to be a bunch of lies. ❤️ power up!

Today, I was full of butterflies on the drive to the MRI, walking in, getting the IV, and even lying down on the table. However, once I was clipped in and the MRI began, calmness set in. Why? Because I knew how it would go. In other words, rather than continuing to make up a story I used what I knew to shut off all those lies I was saying to myself. I took fear’s power away! ❤️ power up!

How could this help us in everyday life? Busy telling yourself a string of crap? Stop yourself! Realize you’ve probably been here before and you’ve gotten through a lot worse. You'll get through, and it’s probably not going to turn out the way you are “thinking”.

We have to stop confusing having a thought with thinking. A passing thought isn’t thinking, it’s filling in the gap of some story that drama is weaving throughout your day. Don’t let fear take the wheel. ❤️ power up!

The reality is everything will be OK, and if it’s not, deal with it then. Don’t waste time feeding fear and drama, it’s not worth it. Especially when love is chillin 'in the corner letting you know it will all be okay. You got this!

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️🙏❤️

–Jason Tharp

In other words, rather than continuing to make up a story I used what I knew to shut off all those lies I was saying to myself. I took fear’s power away! ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!






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