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❤️ Hope this reaches YOU, and provides the power-up needed.

Monday was the first consultation appointment to go over treatments, what to expect, and lots of info. While meeting with Neuro Oncologist the results from the pathology came in. It was not the type of news we hoped for.

I’ll say you don’t need to Dr Google this, and just trust what I’m saying, but a lot of you will anyway. It came back as a stage 4 Glioblastoma, it’s not the good kind of cancer, kinda like the king of cancers. As you can imagine it was numbing, hard hitting, and totally sucked!

All aboard Emotion Coaster 5000 Over the past few days, it’s been tough conversation after tough conversation. I’m sure you can imagine. There’s been a million thoughts a minute and a numb kind of feeling. I will not go gently though! However, defeat has never entered my mind. And today has been so much better. There’s a start date, a plan, and that helps a lot!

So what have I learned? Fear is a shifty enemy. Here’s the deal, a new reality began Monday. In fact, new realities have begun multiple times over the past few weeks. Monday was more the plot twist of this new reality.

Has that ever happened to you?

Just when you think you have it figured out doubt, worries, and fear show up. Wham-o, our good old friend fear starts filling in the blanks.

Yeah, I felt fear a lot over the past couple days. Then some things happened today that shifted things. First, it was a dear friend telling me a story about fear. They heard something in a movie that bothered them because it made fear seem stronger than love. It really bothered them, for months until they cracked the code. The conclusion?

Love is much stronger because fear makes you run from a burning building and love makes you to run into a burning building. Boy, What a friend! The perfect medicine I needed to hear at that moment. ❤️ new reality power-up!

How many times does fear make you run from a problem?

I was so stressed about the MRI today. It was fear once again filling in blanks. Think about this, our lives are nothing but routines. For example, I bet you know what you’re going to do tomorrow? Maybe you have a dinner plan, workout, meditate, work, lunch, home, and so on. You can set goals based off this ‘cause you know how this plays out. Your reality is predictable.

Now imagine, something happens that upends every bit of that reality. It’s no longer predictable, and all you know in this new reality is the bad crap people have told you so far. This is where fear lives and loves to steal the pencil to start crafting a pretty dramatic story.

Not surprisingly, you fill in every “what if” with the bad stuff because that’s all you know so far. Fear loves this and gobbles up this drama like a jumbo bag of gummy bears before a movie. You do know that’s a shareable size, right? And you can say no at any point.

Fear is the thief of love and hope.

Love and hope though are the tag team champions in this royal rumble though. If you look you’ll see even in the darkest places love slips in. Today, I found it in the middle of the MRI machine. What was it? I was breathing, I was alive, and that’s all I need today—to live. With love in tow, I ran into that building and a peace came over me that I hadn’t felt for weeks. I like it here, and I wanna stay for a bit, it’s a good building! ❤️ new reality power- up!

Lastly, my awesome sister-in-law said, “you know we all can die at any minute driving to work. You just had a Dr put a name to it.” she’s the best!

We are all dying from the second we are born. We can let fear lead or love. Each day is unpredictable and has the potential to be life changing. How much time do you waste not living while you’re busy dying? ❤️ new reality power-up!

Yes, this sucks but I’m choosing love. Tons of research is going into this disease. In fact I’m a candidate for a really cool device. Those before me have their stories and mine will be mine. I’m choosing to write my story with love holding the pencil.

As my friend said, “Love will drive you and protect you, Jason. It will be the light you follow. It will be the monkey on your back.” ❤️ new reality power-up!

I know this journey is going to be tough at times. I will need to rest, move, and center myself often. However, collecting these power-ups allows love to fill in the blank spots of this reality, and love always shows up if you’re looking for it.

I hope you find ways to fill your reality with love and avoid the grasp of fear.

This is just the beginning for me. Welcome to my adventure I hope you’re ready to see love in action.

Just wondering if I shared an address would anyone want to send cards?

P.O. Box 136, Powell, OH 43065

Much love and thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

As my friend said, “Love will drive you and protect you, Jason. It will be the light you follow. It will be the monkey on your back. ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!




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