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Hope this finds who needs to see it! ❤️

One of my superpowers is being in touch with my emotions. Which has been fantastic through this process and pretty crappy at the same time.

IMO, there’s a misconception that showing emotions is a sign of weakness, and if you’re a dude, “OMG, what a sissy!” This is complete trash philosophy! and “chick flicks” are awesome!

Awareness of your emotions and how they guide your decisions is key to managing life’s ups and downs.

Pushing your emotions to the side, burying them for a later date, or just muscling through adds unnecessary stress to your life. It’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster because no matter who you are—there is a limit until that pot boils over!

These past three weeks have taken me on the craziest ride of Emotion Coaster 5000, and I made the choice to feel them all. It wasn’t because I wanted to wallow in it, it was because it was real.

You’re gonna have stuff in your life that throws you for a loop. You’re also gonna have moments that take your breath away. Think about a time when you saw the most beautiful sunset ever. I bet you felt something then, and I bet you actually felt it! Like felt it! That’s called living in the moment.

Our lives are made up of moments, and those moments have an emotional connection. It’s okay to feel them, be present in them, and be cool with giving yourself permission to feel it completely. Our moments can end at any time. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss the most amazing moment in your life cause you were too busy worrying about what others thought. Besides, that’s a waste of time, they are too busy worrying about their feelings to care about yours.

Lately, I’ve struggle with the overwhelming feeling of others helping out. I guess it’s joy, or maybe shame in needing help, or shock, the truth is I don’t know, but it’s been…overwhelming, and that’s ok.

Recently my friends created a go fund me, it feels weird, and that’s ok. I’m gonna feel it cause that’s this moment. I will share the link because it’s not about my feelings, it’s allowing my friends feel their feelings of love and a desire to help my family, and that’s cool.

Much love and thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Pushing your emotions to the side, burying them for a later date, or just muscling through adds unnecessary stress to your life. ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!




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