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❤️ Hope this reaches YOU, and provides the power-up needed.

Moving the big rocks in our lives can be unbelievably exhausting. Chasing anything in our lives takes effort that feels effortless in the beginning, and is easy to abandon when a bump appears in the road. It can leave us confused, asking why something we were so inspired, driven, and unshakable to purse suddenly left us feeling disheartened and throwing our hand up. 😵‍💫

You’re not alone in this feeling. I know this pain far too well. I’ve found myself more than once thinking “this is it!” Only to find myself evaluating the failure to see what I can learn and move on from it.

Here’s the key to the success. Failure is necessary, it prepares us for when it ultimately succeeds. I knew this idea sounds insane, but hear me out. If we succeed out the gate we often aren’t surround by the right people, prepared for the pressure of success, or prepared for things going sideways.

Instead of looking at a failure as a reboot, take a moment to get some paper out. Without judgement write out the good AND bad of what you’ve learned. This gives you a map of what you DON’T want and what you DO want. You start from here!

Pick up the next big rock here DO NOT go back to start thinking you’re some giant failure. All you are is the same as everyone else—trying!

I’m a bunch of books into my career. I’ve yet to have a “success” but I’m picking up the rocks. COVID derailed everything, it’s just another rock. My brain decided to give me surprise tumor, it’s just another rock.

I will use this to inspire others. I know this is my mission and if I don’t pick up the rocks I’m letting myself down.

My friends started a go fund me and it’s amazing and humbling to see the messages I’ve received and the donations. I’m paying attention to these lessons, and seeing that while chasing my massive dreams are unreal hard for me, others are watching. I hope it’s inspiring them. ❤️ power-up!

Pick up a rock today, move it just a tiny bit, and do it again tomorrow. The time is now! squeeze life hard!

Much love and thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Here’s the key to the success. Failure is necessary, it prepares us for when it ultimately succeeds. I knew this idea sounds insane, but hear me out. ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!




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Welcome to Brainspirations! In July 2021, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and that was the birth of Brainspirations. My mission is simple: using the characters Corky and JayJay I hope to wake you up to your life. I share my revelations during my own awakening in hopes they provide you with the power-ups needed to live, love, and wonder more! If you find them beneficial, please share with others!


Hey, grammar police! I have lots of books out, but I also have editors. Grammar has been a struggle for me as long as I can remember. In fact, it stopped me from writing for a long time. Even though I’m working on it, grammar is still a huge struggle. I guess what I’m saying is—if you see mistakes, please look past my mistakes and see the good.I’m trying to do the same, and I appreciate your help!

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