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So you're different? Good, that's the way it should be...

❤️ Hope this reaches YOU, and provides the power-up needed.

Late last week, I received a new “hat” called Optune. It’s much more than a hat, but for story’s sake let’s call it a hat. This amazing piece of technology makes me a walking cancer killing machine. Science is amazing! If you’re interested in reading up on it–Google this one!

This is my new reality, and I’m okay with it. After all, we all have something different about us. For me, I won’t be able to hide it. How often do we hide our differences because someone or something has made us feel ashamed of our differences? In reality, the thing that makes you different is your opportunity to add YOUR magic to the world. ❤️ power up!

I believe sharing what makes us different helps others feel “normal”. On a side note, normal is so subjective. You should never let others define “normal” for you. I say, you be you because that’s pretty rad! ❤️ power up!

This new “hat” has an added bonus. Aside from making me a cancer Terminator, how much easier will it be to talk to kids about being different? And looking like some dad version of RoboCop will give me some extra cool points, I suspect. ❤️ power up!

So what about this device made me feel different? First, imagine having a three pound hard drive tethered to your head by a six foot cord. You need to figure out how to put on a coat. You need to take it with you everywhere. And whatever you do, don’t forget to unplug from the wall. I am happy to report I’ve only done this once, ha!

In other words, it makes the situation that is real, very real. I'm not going to lie and say I didn’t let myself “go there” You know, the bad thoughts. Why? Because “going there” has been one of the best therapeutic things I’ve allowed myself to do. Why? It gets the thought out! Remember, a thought isn’t thinking! When the thought passes through, acknowledge it, and apply the facts you know, and not some made up story about something that will never happen. ❤️ power up!

Here’s my conclusion: I am so blessed. We all are! We live in a time where so much technology exists. Hell, five years ago this “hat” wasn’t a possibility, it was FDA approved in 2018. So yeah, I’m going to embrace this, show up daily, and share this journey. My hope is that it reaches someone out there that thinks the world is worse because they’re in it. ❤️ power up!

Maybe my story will reach someone who struggles to get out of bed each day. Maybe, my story will help someone take the first step towards love and away from fear. Who knows, maybe that someone is you. ❤️ power up!

If it is you, it’s okay, life is hard. We all struggle with it, even those who seem like they have it all together. You’re normal–again, whatever that means! I’m choosing to share my story of being different to help you or someone like you wonder. After all, not all who wonder are lost. They’re too busy finding magic!

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️🙏❤️

Much love.


My hope is that it reaches someone out there that thinks the world is worse because they’re in it. ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!






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