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Hope this finds who needs to see it! ❤️

You ever find yourself with a label or labeling others? Yeah, me too!

It seems like my whole life I’ve felt like some label had been slapped on me, and like we all do, I adopt that as my “reality”. For example, I was told by many over the years “you’re a bad writer.” What they really meant was your grammar is horrible, but I heard “you suck at the thing you want to do more than anything, so yeah, don’t do that!”

Funny how we let others tell us what we should and shouldn’t be. Instead, wouldn’t it be cool if we wondered more? For example, I wonder if I took a chance on writing maybe I could do it, and who knows, have a couple books?! I believe there’s magic in wondering.

Maybe there’s some label you’ve been living with for too long? Perhaps the voice you’ve been listening to isn’t really helping, but keeping you right where you are because your growth scares the crap out of those around you?

When people don’t see your vision for your life, and they never will, they say things to keep you right where you are—in THEIR comfort zone.

Maybe today is the day you choose to grow and bloom? You know it’s just waiting for you to give it permission, right?!

I’m feeling really good. Still waiting to hear when treatment begins, but I’m ready to kick this thing’s butt!

Much love and thank you for the continued good vibes!

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Funny how we let others tell us what we should and shouldn’t be. Instead, wouldn’t it be cool if we wondered more? ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!




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Welcome to Brainspirations! In July 2021, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and that was the birth of Brainspirations. My mission is simple: using the characters Corky and JayJay I hope to wake you up to your life. I share my revelations during my own awakening in hopes they provide you with the power-ups needed to live, love, and wonder more! If you find them beneficial, please share with others!


Hey, grammar police! I have lots of books out, but I also have editors. Grammar has been a struggle for me as long as I can remember. In fact, it stopped me from writing for a long time. Even though I’m working on it, grammar is still a huge struggle. I guess what I’m saying is—if you see mistakes, please look past my mistakes and see the good.I’m trying to do the same, and I appreciate your help!

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