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You should be so proud of yourself!

❤️ Hope this reaches YOU, and provides the power-up needed.

Here’s to wishing if you find this helpful, and if so, share the ❤️power up with others.

🧠 Quick Update: tomorrow is my first follow up MRI post radiation. This will be the new baseline going forward. I will also be getting the Optune soon. It’s amazing technology that I will post a link in the comments. I feel great!

I hope you take a second and find a little gratitude for yourself. You’re winning at this thing called life, and it hasn’t been easy. Nice job, my friend! ❤️ power up!

When was the last time you took a second to reflect on how far you’ve come? Or are you stuck thinking you’ve done nothing? Either way, your answer comes down to where you place your focus. When we feel down it’s easiest to see the worst. When we are up everything is rosy. What about when we feel ho-hum? In my opinion, this is where lost and stuck begin. I felt like this for so long and it sucked!

Why? Because it takes all responsibility off of our shoulders, it opens the door for blame, and our nemesis fear waltzes in. Prior to my brain buddy I felt at home here. Recently, I found LOTS of journal entries. Each one has been an awakening for me. In all the entries, I was screaming at myself to pay attention to my life.

What do we miss when we don’t take a second to see what we’ve done? I would argue we miss the happiness we are desperately seeking. Is it worth it?

Reflecting on this first MRI scan, I ask myself the same question I’ve asked many times. Has this been scary? I still don’t know. I am alive now, really alive! Would I have been without this? Would I have woken up? I don’t know, but I love myself now and I would have never said that to myself prior. I wished for it a million times, but would have never believed it, but today I do and I think that’s wonderful. Guess love does win? ❤️ power up!

If you’re still struggling, let me share an entry I wrote to myself over a year and half ago. I wish I would have listened back then. Who knows, maybe you will? ❤️ power up!

Here’s to wishing:

1/14/20 - There will come a time when you’ve finally had enough. The temptation will be to say, “it is what it is” this is a cop out. Instead, challenge yourself to say, “I wonder if I am the problem.” Turning the mirror on yourself could be the key to all the treasures you’re seeking for yourself.

You’ll thank me, I promise.

– Future Me.

The creepy thing is that I have zero recollection of writing any of these entries. I signed off with "Future Me" on every one., and all of them have been unfolding since my brain buddy showed up.

I hope you find this helpful. Don’t waste any time not letting yourself know you’re proud of yourself. ❤️ power up!

Live More. Love More. Wonder More!

Thank you for the continued good vibes! ❤️🙏❤️

–Jason Tharp

What do we miss when we don’t take a second to see what we’ve done? I would argue we miss the happiness we are desperately seeking. Is it worth it? ❤️ Live More. Love More. Wonder More!






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