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Jason Tharp The Power-Up Project Keynote speaker and Resilience Expert


Hope Is A Strategy™

Transform Challenges into Opportunities:
Discover How ‘H.O.P.E. Is a Strategy’ Can Revolutionize Your Approach to Leadership and Innovation.

Jason Tharp The Power-Up Project podcast. Keynote speaker, author, and resilience expert sitting smiling

"Words have the power to inspire, and it was proven today. Jason's keynote was structured, energetic, and truly unforgettable. He reminded us to live in the moment, be committed to our mission, and never give up. Jason's impact on our organization will never be forgotten."
FRANK LEONARD President, Novocure, Inc

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Nearly every day, I connect with leaders and individuals who are navigating the challenging seas of change and the expectation to keep delivering.

Much like you, they are on an expedition to discover their unique paths to:

Unlock the dormant potential within, even in the face of unending disruptions...

Spark the innate creativity when competition appears daunting...

Sustain a resilient mindset while striving for results, day in, day out...

Whether you're at a junction, scaling an intimidating peak, or simply wanting to fuel your organization, professional,  personal growth you've landed in the right place.

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Hi, I'm Jason

Jason Tharp, Keynote Speaker, HOPE, The Power-Up Project, smiling wearing Human Hat

Ever since I was six, I knew I was born to tell stories. As a best-selling author, illustrator, and sought-after speaker, I've turned my personal battles with grade four brain cancer, obesity, and negative self-talk into fuel for transformation. My keynotes don't just talk—they spark potential, ignite creativity, and build resilience. If you're ready for an engaging experience that challenges the status quo and propels your organization to new heights, let's turn your 'impossible today' into 'possible tomorrow' together!"

On A Mission

Together, we'll unlock resilient leadership, helping teams and individuals transform obstacles into growth opportunities.


We'll reveal our authentic selves,

recraft our personal narratives of adversity,

and build bridges of empathy,

ensuring others they are truly not alone.

Leveraging a simple, practical approach,

I help teams and individuals convert obstacles into stepping stones for growth and innovation. Here, we'll unlock hidden potential, fostering resilience and self-leadership for extraordinary results.

The mission? Cultivate a supportive and collaborative environment that fosters personal and professional development, enhances resilience, and champions self-leadership. Because with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible.


Are you ready for a future filled with growth, innovation, deeper engagement, and not just predictable, but extraordinary results?

Here, we transform the 'impossible today' into the 'possible tomorrow'.

Jason Tharp, Keynote Speaker and resilience expert, delivering a keynote speech on stage with easel in background

Teams & Individuals

Through the simple, yet impactful, principles I share, teams and individuals evolve into pillars of innovation and resilience. You'll see enhanced engagement, productivity, and loyalty, coupled with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


By nurturing their team's latent potential, leaders become true catalysts of change. Revel in unprecedented accomplishments and witness your leadership influence expand.


Organizations embedding a culture of transformation and resilience don't just survive—they thrive. Secure a significant competitive edge, fostering enduring growth and boosting stakeholder value.

What To Expect

Jason Tharp, Keynote Speaker and Resilience Expert giving speech and crowd reaction

"Jason is a highly compelling speaker and his enthusiasm and positivity is simply contagious. When you’re in the same room with him, you feel like anything is possible. And he proves to you that it really is!"

Mark Henson, Owner, Sparkspace


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