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Jason Tharp giving a speech to large crowd

Jason’s story proved to be engaging, compelling, and motivating. His message was inspiring and really resonated with the team.
-JPMorgan Chase

Jason Tharp Keynote Speaker with hands folded being thankful

Keynotes that ignite a mindset shift and inspire a wave of everyday imagination, adaptability, and resilience for every role in your organization, from inspirational keynote speaker Jason Tharp.

Leaders and innovators agree: ‘H.O.P.E. Is a Strategy’ isn’t just inspiring—it’s transformative. See how Jason’s keynotes have catalyzed change across industries.

Resilience Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Brain Cancer Survivor,

Book Jason Tharp to Experience ‘H.O.P.E. Is a Strategy’—a unique approach that equips your team to thrive through uncertainty, fostering resilience and creativity at every level of your organization.

Keynote Topics & Results

Jason Tharp delivering HOPE envelope during speech

Empowered Leadership:

H.O.P.E. Is A Strategy

Through mastering resilience, teams and individuals will learn to turn barriers into bridges, fueling growth, success, and a culture of collaboration. This fosters not just professional, but also personal evolution.

Ignite the spark, embrace the journey, and create a world where every challenge becomes an opportunity.


Inspirational Leadership:

 Reinventing Boundaries

Join Jason on a life-altering journey, learning to transform perceived limitations into empowering catalysts. He provides you with a new mindset and tools to turn barriers into stepping stones, fueling you to reach unprecedented heights. This is your chance to learn from a stalwart optimist, who truly demonstrates that with unwavering determination, nothing is out of reach.

Elevate your leadership - Reinvent Boundaries, Redefine Possible.

Jason Tharp leaving stage after keynote speech applause

Survivor Leadership:

Lessons Learned from Brain Cancer

Through mastering resilience, teams and individuals will learn to turn barriers into bridges, fueling growth, success, and a culture of collaboration. This fosters not just professional, but also personal evolution.

Unleash Resilience - Rewrite Your Narrative, and Foster a Future of Purpose and Passion.

Jason Tharp delivering speech at COSI event

Self-Driven Leadership:

Unmasking Your Authentic Self

As a self-leadership expert, Jason empowers audiences to proactively shape their lives and futures. He shares tools for self-reflection and resilience, guiding individuals to identify strengths and growth areas. This transformation benefits both personal lives and organizational dynamics, fostering collective growth.

Empower Your Future - Shape Your Life, Harness Your Strengths, and Foster Collective Growth with Self-Leadership.

Jason Tharp keynote speaker giving a speech in from of large crowd on white background

Downloads For Meeting Organizers


""Jason is a highly compelling speaker and his enthusiasm and positivity is simply contagious. When you’re in the same room with him, you feel like anything is possible. And he proves to you that it really is!""

- Sparkspace


Words have the power to inspire, and you proved that today. Your talk was structured, energetic, and truly unforgettable. You reminded us to live in the moment, be committed to our mission, and never give up. Your impact on our organization will never be forgotten.

- Novocure


""Be the weird you want to see in the world" is a quote I repeat daily thanks to Jason Tharp. The message was so inspiring.""

- Macmillan


""Jason's energy and enthusiasm were inspiring! His focus on reminding everyone how similar we are, how you are never too old to make new goals, and the importance of chasing your unique dreams was eye opening!""

- Better Business Bureau


Step into the world of possibility and strength with Jason! Fill out this form to book him for your organization or event.

You won't regret it, we promise to get back to you quickly. Unleash the power of a positive mindset and let's break impossible together!

"Thank you, Jason, for your contribution to our conference. Your session was a great success and received excellent feedback from attendees. Your ability to listen to our needs and deliver a captivating presentation was truly appreciated. We are grateful for your time and passion!"

~Rob Skedge, President- Sonova Audiological Care US

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