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The Inspiration Fairy is a picture book for every kid who’s ever worried they’re doing it wrong―and needs to know they aren’t alone. Josie is struggling to create the art in her heart. But then Cherry the Fairy shows up to help. Her epic rhymes show Josie how all of us―even fairies―struggle to get past self-doubt and feel inspired.

The problem with thinking is it can be pretty tough,
Especially when you’re always thinking you aren’t enough.

With hilarious art and text and an inspiring, heartfelt message, The Inspiration Fairy is based on Jason’s interactions with kids and his own life experiences. This book encourages self-acceptance, and for kids to push past those first thoughts that they can’t do it, that they’re not good enough, and to instead inspire them and give them the tools to discover just how much they’re capable of.

Over the course of his publishing and motivational speaking career, author and artist Jason Tharp has met and inspired thousands of kids, and he’s learned something in the process: All kids worry they’re not good enough―and that fear can keep them from unlocking their true potential. Kids will love rereading this book and discovering how to overcome those worries and anxieties, just like Josie.


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The Inspiration Fairy!

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