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Discovering True North: How Love Paved My Path Beyond Cancer

Hopeful Beginnings:

Yesterday was monumental. Truly, these past few weeks have felt transformative. I share this as a beacon for those wandering in search of their purpose. Often, we gaze at the stars, captivated by their beauty, while overlooking the guiding breadcrumbs left by moments of love.

Illuminating Insights:

Brain cancer taught me that the love guiding me into remission is the same force steering my life's mission. It's the work, the personal journey, the love I discovered for myself.

Hope is Here. Character standing at crossroad of the present moment, one side is good and one bad
Hope is Here | © Jason Tharp

Deep Dive into HOPE:

Embracing change and personal growth often means confronting memories, fears, and lessons from our past. These don't disappear but rather shape the foundation of our future. Every moment is a learning opportunity, a chance to grow, to move forward. My purpose is firmly rooted in hope, the starting point of every transformative journey.

💙Power-Up Challenge:

Reflect on your life's journey. Identify a past challenge that shaped you and a hope that guides your future. Share this reflection with someone or journal it.

And if this newsletter resonates with you, please share it with others who might benefit. Let's spread HOPE and Power-Ups far and wide.

Closing Thoughts:

"Hope is not just a feeling. It's a decision, a choice we make every day to believe in better days ahead." - Anonymous

I hope this helps.



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